Founded by Aaron Buch, StrategyBase is the parent company for both Patients.com and Launchbrand.com. Our companies specialize in growing businesses in a variety of unique ways including highly advanced digital marketing, software services, media strategy, creative advertising, production and general disruption to obtain sustained attention and growth for our clients. Our team brings unique and innovative strategies, creative ideas, organizational workflow optimizations and scalability processes allowing our clients to continuously grow and prosper.

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About Patients.com
Patients.com is a proven leader in medical marketing services and innovative healthcare software solutions. Our staff has over 20+ years of experience working directly with doctors, hospitals/health systems, urgent care facilities, medical device companies and more. We have developed a unique understanding of how patients think, what doctors and health organizations need and how to connect all the pieces to create well-oiled and profitable machine that drives profits and most importantly helps patients in the process. We also have a proven program that provides access to incredibly organized, easy to learn in-depth training guides for different parts of your organization. We have several master-courses developed to train reception/front of house, sales teams (internal or remote), and a dedicated program for Managers, Directors and C-Suite staff. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Patients.com can train staff, or we can do it for you. 
About Launchbrand.com
Launchbrand.com grows businesses in a variety of ways. We offer a vast range of both digital and traditional marketing, software applications and creative services. This includes an incredible CRM system that boosts sales. automates workflow and organizes customer communications. Similar to Patients.com, Launchbrand also offers in-depth training guides and master courses to train your staff and sales teams to help  sell your services or products. This includes a dedicated program for Managers, Directors and C-Suite Executives.