Having an organized, creative and original strategy as the base of all projects is critical to growth. We connect brands to new & existing customers through our diligent work, expertise + creativity.

Our Divisions

Founded by Aaron M. Buch, StrategyBase is the parent company for several business growth agencies located in the United States. Our companies specialize in growing businesses in a variety of unique ways including highly advanced digital marketing, software development, media strategy, creative advertising, production and general disruption to obtain sustained attention and growth for our clients. Our team brings unique and innovative strategies, creative ideas, organizational workflow optimizations and scalability processes allowing our clients to continuously grow and prosper.

Our flagship digital agency trusted to manage millions in marketing investments for an array of dominant companies and projects.

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An elite Healthcare Ad Agency specializing in medical marketing and software to drive growth for providers & health systems. Learn More today by visiting our site.

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We designed Launchbrand to support start-ups and small-to-medium sized business in all things marketing. Some clients evolve from LB to IXVY.

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What I love most about advertising is the watching and being a part of the development, research and brainstorming of unique creative ideas that result in meaningful connections between brands and consumers. It’s not about simply coming up with an idea to get quick attention, rather finding a sustainable and honest truth about life, and brining awareness to how a product or business can make it better. Discovering how to create a lasting and significant emotional connection is incredibly fulfilling. Brands who connect with their audiences properly spend thoughtful time learning and considering how to make that connection. Our agencies concentrate on one of the most important concepts in advertising– creating that honest and creative connection between brand and consumer. Anything less is simply unsustainable.